Books #1

I’m currently working on an Open University course in Renaissance art. I’ve a tricky assignment coming up and this is a pile of reference books that I’ve collected for use on it. It’s a pen drawing with a bit of coloured pencil added to give it some colour, which unfortunately doesn’t really come across all … More Books #1

Owl Ornament #1

After a mentally exhausting day working on an Open University assignment, producing a sketch this evening was harder work than it might otherwise have been. It’s a coloured pencil drawing on 9″ x 12″ pastel paper. The subject is a small owl ornament.

Chinese Lantern #1

Today’s drawing depicts two paper-like husks which fell from a Chinese Lantern plant over the winter. The husks protect the fruit of the plant. One of these husks looks a little worse-for-wear, the other is still a lovely orange colour. I painted the plant last summer when it was at its’ best. That painting can … More Chinese Lantern #1

Begonia #2

I’ve been working on a portrait in acrylics for much of this week, which has inspired me to do today’s sketch in that medium. The subject of the artwork is the same begonia plant that I drew a few days ago. It is painted on a small canvas board off-cut which did its’ best to … More Begonia #2