Williamson Art Gallery #1

Williamson Art Gallery and Museum

The Williamson Art Gallery and Museum has been undergoing a splendid refurbishment recently. A few weeks ago it partly re-opened with a new shop and café. The shop, I’m delighted to say, is currently selling my greeting cards and prints. I visited the gallery this morning to take in some more greeting cards, which seem to be selling very well so far (touches wood). I was also lucky enough to meet and enjoy lunch with my mum, dad and auntie Brenda. After we’d gone our separate ways I did this little sketch, in the company of another tea. It’s a pen drawing in my roughly A5 sketchpad. The subject is a bit of a mystery to me. I guess it was used to dispense bread and sweets in days of yore. Mmmmm, sweets…

The Williamson don’t currently have their own website unfortunately, but the Friends of the Williamson run a Facebook page, which is a good place to keep up with what’s going at the venue. The address is: www.facebook.com/FriendsofWilliamson.

Williamson Art Gallery and Museum

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