Easter Orchid

Four day weekend! No emails to check, no work to be done. What a wonderful feeling! Today’s drawing depicts an orchid plant. It’s drawn in Derwent coloured pencils on Daler Rowney pastel paper. The paper is around 12″ x 9″ (305 x 229mm) in size. The drawing is dedicated to Marion in Saarbr├╝cken: Frohe Ostern … More Easter Orchid

Daffodil #3

This blog might appear to be a little daffodil-obsessed at present, but they look so lovely at the moment it’d be rude not to give them some attention. This daff is from the same bunch as that painted yesterday (‘Daffodil #2’). Today’s drawing is a black and white sketch in pen on A5ish cartridge paper.

Daffodil #2

I painted this today as a break from working on a portrait which has been giving me problems of late. The portrait obviously needs to be drawn, and skin and hair tones reproduced, as accurately as possible. For some reason I’ve been struggling to achieve a satisfactory result this time. These problems have been exacerbated … More Daffodil #2

Spring Snowfall

Liddypool, in common with much of the UK, has enjoyed some unseasonable snowfalls today. This is a drawing in coloured pencil of some garden plants suffering under the weight of today’s snow. Should have brought them in last night really. It was a bit nippy, wet and gusty outside so I drew this from the … More Spring Snowfall