Erysimum Mutabile #1

These tiny flowers fell off an Erysimum Mutabile, bought yesterday at Norton Priory’s plant fair. They’re now living in a jam jar. I’ve never seen a plant like this before. The flowers bloom yellow and gradually turn purple over time. The combination of yellows and purples on the same plant is gorgeous. This is a … More Erysimum Mutabile #1

Daffodils #4

Most of my ‘gallery’ or commissioned paintings (as opposed to sketches) are currently produced over several sessions. Other than still life paintings, they are more often than not painted from photographic reference. During the course of their production over several weeks and months much of their initial freshness can become lost, along with some of … More Daffodils #4

Primroses #1

It seemed such a beautiful morning when I stepped outside with my sketchpad and pens. Within minutes the sun had disappeared behind clouds and it had turned rather chilly. Nevertheless, I persevered and ended up with this scrawl of some primroses. It’s a black and white pen drawing in an A5-ish sketchpad.