Food & Drink in Lockdown III

I was recently perusing the list of themes for Grayson Perry’s upcoming new series of his ‘Art Club’, the first series of which last year I found very inspiring. In search of new subjects with which to challenge my art group, I thought one of these themes (though spoiled for choice really) – ‘food’ – might fit the bill. It would ultimately also present an opportunity for the group to compare ther work with that shown on the programme.

I asked the group to think about their experience of lockdown and how that might relate to food (and/or drink), and to create a painting reflecting that experience.

By way of example, this was my demo painting for the group, made in acrylics on A4 cardboard. One aspect of Lockdown 3 for me has been dealing with the seemingly constant requests from two little ones for (and yes, they do have proper meals in between times) their next snack, or topping up of sippy cups. Hence this still life set up of various toddler snacks and training cup.

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