Erysimum Mutabile #1

These tiny flowers fell off an Erysimum Mutabile, bought yesterday at Norton Priory’s plant fair. They’re now living in a jam jar. I’ve never seen a plant like this before. The flowers bloom yellow and gradually turn purple over time. The combination of yellows and purples on the same plant is gorgeous. This is a … More Erysimum Mutabile #1

Daffodils #3

Today’s sketch is a watercolour painting of two daffodils. It was painted on watercolour paper, and is around A4 in size. I haven’t used watercolour paints regularly for something like 15 or 20 years, and I’m in the process of remembering how to use them. I approached this image slightly differently to previous recent attempts, … More Daffodils #3

Daffodils #2

Another go at depicting the daffodils I drew yesterday (post: Daffodil #1), this time on A4ish watercolour paper. I was intending this sketch to be a pure watercolour painting but it ended up a mixed media image. I felt the forms of the daffs needed a little more defining, and used soft pastels to pick … More Daffodils #2