Daffodil #1

Today’s drawing depicts a daffodil in bloom. I drew it in soft pastels on A4ish pastel paper. Still struggling with pastels…

Rainbow Tulips #2

This is my third attempt in the last 3 or 4 days to capture these rainbow tulips. I hope I’m getting closer. This third sketch was painted in watercolour on watercolour paper. I added a little heightening in chalk pastel.

Rainbow Tulips #1

A couple of sketches here of some rainbow tulips. The first sketch (above) is rendered in chalk pastels, which (as has become second nature) I’ve struggled a bit with. I did it a couple of days ago but a radiator kindly burst before I had time to upload a photo of the scrawl. The second…

Kiwi Fruit #1

I finished work on a portrait a little early this morning, so was able to sneak in a quick sketch before lunch. The sketch, pictured above and below, depicts three kiwi fruit. It’s rendered in chalk pastel (with some coloured pencil) on pastel paper. In all honesty, I struggled to reproduce the basic colours in…

Daffodils #1

A pastel and pen sketch of some daffodils, drawn this afternoon at the dining room table. Until this past Autumn I hadn’t used pastels for getting on for 20 years. At the moment I’m still struggling to re-acquaint myself with them in all honesty.