Painting Made Easy?

Earlier this month I started running weekly art classes at a local community centre on the Wirral peninsula. It was my intention to use these classes to put students on a personal creative ‘journey’. The experience garnered in my painting workshops, which I’ve run from home since summer 2014, is that the majority of students,…

Apple in a Fruit Bowl

A drawing in coloured pencil in an A5 sketchpad, drawn late yesterday afternoon. I was trying to approach this coloured pencil drawing in the same way that I might approach a painting – building up relatively pure colour in layers of small marks.

Four Bananas and an Apple, 12 August 2013

At a bit of a loose end this afternoon – staring at a computer with lots to do but feeling distinctly indecisive – I thought my time might be better spent with a sketchpad and some pens. I challenged myself to do a quick sketch of the first thing that caught my eye (within reason)….

Still Life: Fruit #1

Today’s drawing is a still life in pen on cartridge paper. The small grouping of still life objects was kindly set up by my partner Judith and includes an orange, kiwi, apple and some chinese lanterns. I’ve depicted them using a cross-hatching technique that I use for most of my pen and pencil drawings. The…