Osteospermum ecklonis, 1 June 2013

A sunny day and a sunny flower. Today’s sketch is a coloured pencil drawing on pastel paper of an Osteospermum ecklonis. I was particularly drawn to this flower by its lovely yellow petals.

Pincushion Daisy, 29 May 2013

I painted this today for the Gardening for Disabled Trust silent auction. The deadline for submissions of artwork is this Saturday, so I’ve left it rather late. I hope it arrives in time. The trust provides grants that help disabled people in the UK to continue gardening. The silent auction offers 200-plus postcard-sized pieces of…

Red Tulip #1

The weather forecast for the next few days doesn’t look too clever according to the BBC, so I thought I ought to make the most of the sun today and get into the garden with my paints. I’m not as comfortable painting out-of-doors as I am inside; I can feel a little nervous, as a…

Erysimum Mutabile #1

These tiny flowers fell off an Erysimum Mutabile, bought yesterday at Norton Priory’s plant fair. They’re now living in a jam jar. I’ve never seen a plant like this before. The flowers bloom yellow and gradually turn purple over time. The combination of yellows and purples on the same plant is gorgeous. This is a…

Primroses #1

It seemed such a beautiful morning when I stepped outside with my sketchpad and pens. Within minutes the sun had disappeared behind clouds and it had turned rather chilly. Nevertheless, I persevered and ended up with this scrawl of some primroses. It’s a black and white pen drawing in an A5-ish sketchpad.