Judith’s Chair, 18 August 2013

Painting of a chair

I picked up my brushes around 4pm yesterday with the intention of completing this painting in one session, an exercise in working quickly. By 7pm the paint surface had become too wet to work any further and the natural light in the room had become too dim. I thought the exercise had been a useful one but felt that the painting would need a bit more work today. Having looked at the painting again this afternoon I now feel it would be a mistake to work any further on it. Though rough around the edges, with obvious flaws, I feel any further work on this painting would only serve to rob it of its’ freshness.

The painting depicts a denim jacket hanging on the back of a wooden chair. It was painted in Winsor & Newton alkyd paints on 16″ x 12″ Daler canvas.

Painting a chair

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