Chinese Lantern #2

Chinese Lantern artwork

I’ve made a few studies of Chinese Lantern plants before today. I find the delicacy and colour of the husks quite beautiful. An earlier post – Chinese Lanterns #1 – included a study of husks in coloured pencil. Around this time last year I made a painting in oils on canvas, Chinese Lantern on Blue.

The sketch that I’ve uploaded here today was made this afternoon. It took a little over an hour to complete and was made in Daler Rowney gouache and pencil on 12″ x 10″ Crawford & Black canvas. Keen eyed observers will note that I made this painting at the kitchen sink. I was of course careful not to leave any paint on work surfaces, as always. I think I was anyway. Well I couldn’t see any…

Sketching a Chinese Lantern plant

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  1. modconned says:

    Beautiful observation. I love botanical studies and I think your vibrant and fresh method of painting adds a nice twist. I must say I love the way you lay out your posts, it’s great to see the photographs accompanying your finished works, your approach offers a really nice insight into the way you work. Can’t wait to see future posts!

    1. simonbirtall says:

      Thanks Julie! Nice to know the blog is enjoyed. Your blog looks great – your drawing technique is beautiful. Looking forward to seeing more work on mod conned.

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