Chinese Lantern #2

I’ve made a few studies of Chinese Lantern plants before today. I find the delicacy and colour of the husks quite beautiful. An earlier post – Chinese Lanterns #1 – included a study of husks in coloured pencil. Around this time last year I made a painting in oils on canvas, Chinese Lantern on Blue….

Apple in a Fruit Bowl

A drawing in coloured pencil in an A5 sketchpad, drawn late yesterday afternoon. I was trying to approach this coloured pencil drawing in the same way that I might approach a painting – building up relatively pure colour in layers of small marks.

Banana Peel and a Paint Scraper

There’s not much I can say about this drawing. I was attempting to remove some paint from a table yesterday afternoon, following which only partially successful physical exertion I ate a banana and thought I’d rather be drawing. The sketch is around A5 in size and drawn in fine line and calligraphic pens on paper.