A View of Liverpool

View of Liverpool from the Anglican Cathedral - painting by Simon BirtallThis landscape painting, which was made in oils on canvas over 2010 and 2011, depicts the Liverpool cityscape from the viewpoint of the Anglican Cathedral. It is the result of a one-time visit to the top of the cathedral tower, braving my fear of heights for long enough to obtain enough sufficient photographs to produce this painting, though that wasn’t my intention as I made my way up.

On a largely grey, cloudy day, shafts of sunlight occasionally broke through the heavy cloud cover, and briefly illuminated pockets of the landscape, and it’s those moments that I’ve tried to capture here.

Although in theory produced in my standard Impressionist-influenced technique, the level of detail required to produce recognisable buildings in their rightful locations and with the requisite number of windows in this painting required an inordinate amount of working hours, which pushed my concentration, commitment and sanity to the limits. A rough estimate of the hours involved in this work would total around 130.

The level work involved in producing this painting, alongside a degree of emotional attachment, has made this a difficult painting to price, but it’s currently available at Saatchi Art via the following link: https://www.saatchiart.com/art/Painting-View-of-Liverpool-from-the-Anglican-Cathedral/4446/1721767/view

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