Daffodils #3

Watercolour painting of daffodils

Today’s sketch is a watercolour painting of two daffodils. It was painted on watercolour paper, and is around A4 in size. I haven’t used watercolour paints regularly for something like 15 or 20 years, and I’m in the process of remembering how to use them. I approached this image slightly differently to previous recent attempts, working from dark-to-light rather than light-to-dark as in previous attempts such as Daffodils #2 and Rainbow Tulips #2. I didn’t feel the need to add any heightening in any other media this time, so it’s the first ‘pure’ watercolour on the blog.

Painting daffodils

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  1. I like your use of colour and your technique, it gives great colour and movement to your work. I think the way that you have taken photos of your paintings with the subject is really inspired and so interedting. Love your blog.. Karen

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