Up the Liver Building, Quick

Sketch of the Royal Liver Building

Today’s sketch is the third in a series of small sketches made relatively rapidly this week depicting Liverpool landmarks (previous two: Liverpool’s Anglican Cathedral, Liddypool’s Metropolitan Cathedral). This drawing depicts the Royal Liver Building on Liverpool’s Pier Head. As with the previous two sketches, I worked from fairly old photographs, one of which this time was taken in 1994.

I decided to exaggerate the perspective in this composition to magnify the height of the building and to tie the sketch in with the previous two. It also negated depicting the ground below the building, which has undergone substantial re-landscaping since the photographs were taken.

I began this sketch, which was rendered on watercolour paper, with a basic pencil outline, before adding some colour washes in gouache. I then added some colour pencil work before re-defining some of the edges in sketching pencil.

Sketching the Liver Building

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