Keep an Eye on the Amaryllis #2

Watercolour painting of an amaryllisPicking up the drivel where yesterday’s drivel left off (see Keep an Eye on the Amaryllis #1), every day over the Christmas period this little amaryllis would continue to grow in spurts. Each day I would observe it on the window sill in the kitchen (the plant, not me) thinking, “I really must paint that little amaryllis today”. And each day would go by in a daze of tea, TV, chocolate, TV, mulled wine and TV without so much as a single brushmark.

By the time I finally roused myself from my festive slumber and dusted off the watercolours, the amaryllis had grown around 12 inches and the two flower buds were attractively dancing (metaphorically) around each other as they grew. By the looks of my composition here they must have still been growing as I drew; they’re both desperately trying to grow up and off the page.

This sketch, which was made on 5th January this year (18 days following the sketch made in yesterday’s post), was made in watercolours on watercolour paper. The paper was unstretched so there’s a fair bit of buckling in the paper. As usual with paintings made at home but outside of my usual workspace, it was imperative that I minimised the simultaneous application of paint to work surfaces, furniture, fittings and floors.

Painting an amaryllis

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