Exercising the Jaw Muscles

Painting of chocolateThe steady trickle of junk mail through the letter box – under normal circumstances deposited straight into the recycling bin without much thought – has proved to be far more useful of late in its provision of alternative surfaces upon which to paint.

I thought it might be mildly amusing to depict some chocolate, of which we are rarely in short supply, on this gym flier – one of many arriving in the new year encouraging us to shed the pounds gained over Christmas. How did they know?

Painted rapidly in acrylics in around an hour or so, this sketch depicts an opened bar of Toblerone and a Cadbury’s Cream Egg (unopened here, but opened very shortly afterwards). I’ve tried to allow elements of the flier to show through to demonstrate either opposing lifestyle choices or the two sides of a healthy-balanced lifestyle, depending on how you see it.

Painting session - chocolate

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