Painting of a blue titMy wife Judith and I have been making the most of some lovely spring weather of late, and putting in some dedicated work on the garden. The local wildlife seems to be appreciating our handy work, and amongst our regular visitors at the moment are some blue tits. These shy little birds wait in a tree at the bottom of the garden before darting down to the bird feeder to quickly partake of some peanuts when the coast is clear.

Judith and I have both attempted to photograph these nervous birds and this painting was made from one of Judith’s shots. Completed in two short sessions over yesterday and today, it was painted in acrylics on the back of some mount board. I’m hoping to paint some of our other garden visitors – goldfinches, great tits, frogs and even a heron – over the coming weeks.

Painting in acrylics - a blue tit

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  1. I really like this painting, and your style of painting. It brings a feeling of life and movement.

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