Saying Happy Birthday with Alstroemeria

Painting of Alstroemeria

It’s been difficult to fit in much painting of late for one reason and another (workshops, admin, art group shenanigans), but I was determined to fit in one today in order to dedicate it to my wife’s Oma, whose birthday it is.

Something told me last week when I bought these flowers that I should keep hold of their label. My hoarding instincts have proved correct – the chances of me remembering the name ‘Alstroemeria’, let alone getting close to spelling it correctly, were extremely slim.

This painting, which took a little over an hour to complete this afternoon, was made in Daler-Rowney Georgian oils on prepared card – packaging accompanying a Daler-Rowney canvas – at around 10” x 6”.

Happy birthday Oma and all good thoughts are sent from the both of us…

Painting session - alstroemeria

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