Painting: a Battle of Wills

Painting of lavender fieldsThis morning I attempted to demonstrate ‘Landscape Painting in Acrylics’ to a lovely, friendly group of amateur painters in Wallasey. This demonstration was made more than a little challenging by a competing crafting group in the adjacent room, the intense volume of whose chatter made my attempts to engage my audience in a riveting and informative description of my technique somewhat redundant. If I ever need to talk over the noise of a pneumatic drill, today’s demo will have stood me in good stead.

However, having said that, I think I did manage to get something worthwhile of my approach across above the hubbub, and as annoying as our neighbours may have been I think I did manage to produce something just about semi-presentable, vaguely illustrative of my method through the din.

Working in a combination of Winsor & Newton and Pip Seymour acrylics on a rough-grained 12” x 16” canvas, the pictured painting was completed in around an hour and a half either side of a tea break. It was painted from a couple of photographs of Cotswold Lavender – a farm in Broadway – taken by either myself or my wife Judith a couple of years ago.

Painting demonstration - landscapes in acrylics

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  1. ARTmoses says:

    Lovely painting!

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