I’ve found a remote, but which one is it?

Drawing of remote controls

This drawing, made this afternoon in pen and ink in an A5 sketchbook, depicts a stack of five devices around which evenings chez Birtall are often wont to revolve.

Before Judith and I were married last year we invested in white household blinds and entry-level projector, using which we intended to challenge the stamina of our wedding guests with an endless loop of family photographs lasting throughout our reception.

Our Heath Robinson of a home cinema system now allows us to indulge ourselves with occasional movie nights. Unfortunately, we are forced to juggle five remote controls in order to assume complete control over the system, which can become a little confusing to tired minds.

This sketch depicts those remotes. It was made in Uni Pin fine line pens with a dash of Winsor & Newton black Indian ink.

Drawing remote controls

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