Dreaming of Amaryllis

Painting of an amaryllis bulb

I’ll be taking part in the Oxton Art Fair at the Williamson Art Gallery & Museum in Birkenhead in late November, which is a splendid chance to exhibit my paintings in an august venue. My work has previously been exhibited at the Williamson, in Wirral Society of Arts shows and the like (and my cards and prints are currently sold in the gallery shop), but unlike those exhibitions I’ll largely be in control of my own destiny on this occasion – no selection process other than my own and my rejected pieces will be let down with sympathy and tact. I certainly don’t want to hurt my feelings – I know selection can be a sensitive issue.

With my own hand on the proverbial tiller I’m hoping to make the most of this opportunity and put on a really good show highlighting the best of my work. It’s been my hope and intention to supplement my existing body of work with some new pieces in theory created during a few intensive weeks in the lead up to the show.

Unfortunately, though for very good reasons, it’s been difficult to fit in any painting this week. Three classes to teach and miscellaneous other bits and bobs have thrown the best laid plans. So in a low-key fit of pique (if that’s possible) this morning, with some time to spare before a class this afternoon I challenged myself to complete a painting for possible inclusion in the fair.

Serendipitously, my mum was kind enough to buy Judith and I an amaryllis bulb yesterday, which once out of its box turned out to be fairly well advanced and looked like it might make a nice subject for a quick study. The resulting painting was completed in around an hour this morning in Winsor & Newton Griffin alkyd paints on an 8” x 8” box canvas, and I’d expect it to be a strong contender for the art fair. If it fails to make the cut it will be let down gently and its exclusion treated with the utmost discretion.

Painting an amaryllis bulb in oils

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