A Rainbow Still Life

Online art class demonstration painting

A Rainbow Still Life: demonstration painting

The latest subject in my online art classes is ‘rainbow still life’. It’s the first class of 2021 and I thought I’d set something optimistic, colourful and potentially playful for my students.

The idea was that each student should choose an object reflecting a colour in the rainbow, and the objects were to be arranged in colour sequence in a vaguely rainbow shape.

As usual I recorded the making of a quick demonstration painting by way of example for my students, and this is the result. It’s painted in Winsor & Newton acrylics on 15 x 20 cm mount board.

Having two small children, we’re not short of bright objects knocking around the place, and I put a few of them in here – building blocks, an orange dinosaur etc. There’s an also an inhaler and a cookie-cutter for good measure.

Read more on my online art classes.

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