Daffodils #4

Painting of daffodils

Most of my ‘gallery’ or commissioned paintings (as opposed to sketches) are currently produced over several sessions. Other than still life paintings, they are more often than not painted from photographic reference. During the course of their production over several weeks and months much of their initial freshness can become lost, along with some of my enthusiasm.

The sketches I have been uploading to this blog are an opportunity for me to produce less precious work on a small scale, from life. Painting rapidly and freely, I’m able to simply enjoy the process of painting and drawing. As a result I maintain my enthusiasm and paintings such as today’s retain their freshness.

Today’s sketch was painted in around 45 minutes in Winsor & Newton alkyd paints on Crawford and Black loose canvas. It depicts what is becoming one of my favourite subjects: daffodils on the dining room table.

Painting daffodils

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