Art and Stress

Drawing of North Western Hotel, Liverpool
I am sometimes surprised at the extent to which it is assumed that painting and drawing is a relaxing pastime. I generally find it quite the reverse. My brain often struggles to process the many simultaneous decisions that it is forced to make each moment working on a piece of artwork. I find this process quite tiring and it can be extremely stressful. This sketch produced yesterday provoked a stressful response. It’s a mystery to me how I finished this drawing as it was a struggle to merely put pen on paper by the time of its’ completion.

The drawing depicts a building resembling a French château on Lime Street in Liverpool. It was designed by Alfred Waterhouse and was opened in 1871 as the North Western Hotel. It is seen here from St George’s Hall. This sketch was made on the same day as that made from the rooftop of Liverpool Central Library (Library with a View). It was drawn in fine line pens on paper.
Drawing the North Western Hotel, Liverpool

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  1. syvarnam says:

    First off, nicely done with perspective. Perspective and shading are my great sources of loathing when making art because I’m crap at them. I’ve looked through a few of your other drawings and they all look very confidently done.

    Secondly, yeah. Sometimes making art is fun or therapeutic, but when you’re trying to get that one line just right and then your hand twitches and you have to quietly swear to yourself while taking calming breathes so you don’t just destroy the piece right then and there–that is not relaxing. (It’s usually not THAT bad, but I think most of us have those moments).

    Nice work, and good post.

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