Beyond the Madness

Painting of chrysanthemums in a glass vase

I was asked last month to make a painting demonstration for a group of non-artists. Given a challenging time limit of not much over half an hour in which to complete the demonstration I unwisely chose too complex a subject – chrysanthemums in a glass vase.

My approach to the early stages of painting can look a little cavalier at the best of times. On this occasion my frenetic efforts to effectively demonstrate my technique within this tight timescale must have at times looked to be bordering on madness. The end result of the demo was, it might be argued, ‘fresh’.

Determined to complete it more satisfactorily, I continued to work up the painting for another hour and a half when I returned home shortly afterwards. Pictured is the result, which was painted in a combination of Winsor & Newton Finity/Professional and Pip Seymour acrylics on primed hardboard.

Painting session - chrysanthemums in acrylics

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  1. ARTmoses says:

    lovely painting

      1. ARTmoses says:

        Welcome. You can check out my blog sometimes, i love painting too

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